I think DR2.0 did a fantastic job for it's cars, loads of new cars and some new classes upon launch, and all the old classics and MORE new cars in the DLC, loved the variety and range!  The Colin pack was a fantastic finish to the game and i think it's clear there should be a DR3 going into dev at some point, and it better be on new tech with the new consoles coming this year 😄   Anyway, new cars!  if we get DR3, what new cars would you like to see?  What existing (DR2.0 cars) do you want to see return? or not return?  Unfortunately i think it's a foregone conclusion we won't get current or recent WRC cars as the rights to those are locked away with the promoter, but i think anything else is game!   I loved the expanded historical classes, the Ascona, extra GrpB cars and GrpA classes, just missing those Toyotas for now 😞  I thought the following: FWD H1 though the DS21 was, uh, interesting. FWD H2 - this was kind of tough for me to like, but i'm not sure why. RWD H2 - Love this class, feel free to expand it! 🙂 RWD H3 - Love this one too, too often forgotten, lots of fun. F2 Kit Cars - This is a bonkers class, lots of love from many people, not my cup of tea, but they're massive fun on tarmac, unique experience for sure. GrpB RWD - Awesome class, some real classics here, would love to see expansion here, 308, RX7 etc. GrpB 4WD - Again, awesome class, love the cars. R2 - Again, not my cup of tea, but they're very technical and a great modern starter car, not sure why i don't have as much fun in FWD cars in DR2 Vs. DR1.  Recommend keeping. GrpA  - Talk about a backbone class, many classics here, would be amazing to get Toyotas in here, solid and fun class! NR4/R4 - This could be fun, it's nice to have them, but they feel like over-heavy 2000cc class cars, which, they are, unfortunately they're massively mismatched and with only 2 cars, it feels like it's missing the point and i wonder if it's even worth continuing in their current guise, maybe invest in the other classes instead? 4WD up to 2000cc- Again, like GrpA, amazing class, many classics here and a great move into more modern "historical" cars Vs. the GrpA cars.  Should be split early/late 2000's though IMO. R5 - Solid class, amazing on the edge competitive cars, a keep and possible expand for sure. RGT - Brand new class for DR2.0 - a stand out surprise, i actually love these cars and this class for what they are, i'd like to see them return. WRX - I do like World Rally Cross and i of course want to see them return, but i have less love for the cars, we've pretty much got the entire lineup, i like the classics as well as the modern.  Solid section of the game.   Here's the DR2.0 car list so you can see what we have and maybe add/subtract.       Huge post, i know, but i feel this is our opportunity to fight for cars in what i hope is the next game! 🙂   Please stick to cars we want/don't want, how their split into classes is another topic and i don't want to worry about that part of game design right now.