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F12020 - CO-OP Career Mode

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Dear Codemasters! 

After starting playing this game on year ago I was completely hooked.

CO-OP Career:

Me and my friends can play for hours. The only thing we miss is a CO-OP Career Mode, where we can be in the same league and fighting for the Championship. I hope this is something that will come in the next game.

If this is a hard thing to implement, I think it would be fantastic if there was implemented Pratice missions in the multiplayer MOD. Then we will get some familiar feeling of it.

Hope you read this and considering this thought.


Your sincerely F1 fan

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I'm new to the 2019 version, but I think you can create your own league with a race at each venue.  Invite your friends.  Fill out the rest of the field with AI drivers.  After all the races are complete, the one with the most points wins.  It's not exactly integrated into the game in terms of the Career Mode, but it would be the same result - winner on the top step of the podium.

Here's the Codemasters blog about Leagues and the Super License:


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There was a co-op championship mode about 8 years ago that was amazing! So it can be done. Not really bothered about playing strangers online, I want to race with my mates, towards winning championships. We used to have some epic battles and races that we still talk about now. I feel Codemasters are missing a trick here, I know of half a dozen people alone, that haven’t bought F1 in the past couple of years that would buy it year in, year out if there was a multiplayer career mode. Have Codemasters ever explained if this is something they are considering?

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