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(Xbox) F1 2019 - "Reach Level 50" Achievement Progress Bug


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1.       Description: As soon as I began playing multiplayer in F1 2019, the progress for "Reach Level 50" has been stuck at 98%, even as early as level 5, forcing it into the top of my Next Achievements list permanently. It's shown as "nearer to complete" than both "Reach Level 25" and "Reach Level 10".

2.       Version: 1.22

3.       Game mode is not really relevant, but it's related to multiplayer progression.

4.       The issue is constant and likely related to how F1 2019 sends achievement data to the Xbox dashboard.

5.       See answer #4.

6.       I tried resetting my network connection, and also tried deleting my local save file and starting a new one. Neither had any effect.

7.       None. I just play with gamepad.

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