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I just bought the game, and played 90 ranked games, and now is just impossible to find a ranked lobby, everytime is empty 25% or 5 laps... its just disappointing, i was so excited winning races and playing online, and now i cant...
A friend of mine is silver and B, and he can always find a lobby, but because of the developers of the game he cant invite me😡, if just the invites were allowed, this issue will not exist.
I tried to open ports on my router, open the firewall, change to enthernet cable to wifi and dint work, so i guess the problem is the way the game try to find palyers with equal rank...
I know there is many topics about this, but i couldnt find a way to solve, so plis!!! Someone just help me... and codemaster PLEASE, develop some better stuffs...


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I cant believe the codemaster accept this as normal, and just dont fix...
They should refund everybody at least or gift f1 2018 together, how can this be possible???
This is the most mercenary company i know, and im brazilian... i know what is a mercenary behavior.
I give this game a score 0/10!!!

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