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[CLOSED]It turns out an error when starting a race.


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1 hour ago, cryp119 said:

dont d3, exactly b150 pro gaming


BIOS builds don't match with the B150 Pro Gaming, there was no 0601 BIOS, well none that is listed on support site, except B150 Pro Gaming D3.

So, don't try to match the BIOS unless you are sure. Some routines have version checking, always backup the existing BIOS before programming new. And also, know the recovery process - some allow blind flash via specific USB ports with a correctly named file, or there is a boot / key sequence to use recovery BIOS, which may be factory spec.

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Disk access seems slow to me. At least 44s to start the game, on an SSD that looks a bit long.

I have already recommended the version update to Windows 10.

Are you using a standard or administrator account?

I don't have anything else. GPU driver OK, can't progress on BIOS due to potential mismatch. 

Format it.

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