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F1 2019 -[PC]- Error when trying to join online sessions


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I was trying to play the multiplayer gamemodes in F1 2019, but when I try to join Ranked or Unranked it tries to join but it later displays a message of error. This message of error always appears, in Unranked and in Ranked.

Platform: PC

Version: 1.22

Gamemode: Multiplayer- Ranked and Unranked

Accessories: PS4 Controller

Down I attach a screenshot of the error


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bump,cant join anything again,it worked last week but now nothing,and i havent changed a setting in gme or on my pc etc,this is beyond a joke,codemasters rake in so much money but cant even fix this issue,well safe to say you wont be getting another penny from me.

also look at all the replies from devs and mods,its absolutley embarrasing

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@pachedupdemon please refrain from bumping posts. Double posting, bumping is against forum rules and you do both. Next to this I noticed you tend to be not very respectful to those who are able and willing to help you. If you have an issue, no matter if it has been posted before, fill out a proper issue report. 

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