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Germany Featured Event rewards missing??

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@BarryBL I'm going out on a limb here and thinking there is an issue again with the weekly competition points and trophies. This time last week my trophy was in my mailbox and I was a happy camper. Right now it appears to be lost in Narnia. I guess it's still early and I could be wrong but what also worries me that there is a bigger problem at play here is in the section of "previous weeks results" it is the current China event standings thus far. Plus last week's event in France was not in the previous weeks results. I know because RikF1 was the winner and his name was not there. It was Snookiebear or something like that. But also when clicking that section, it took you to the current standings at the time which was the Germany Event, not the previous weeks results. Besides that section having issues if my trophy appears in my mail I will edit and add on to this post. If I don't then I'm sleeping or still no trophy. I placed 413 out of almost 19000. Please fix this. It's frustrating looking forward to something all week especially in our current climate and getting a big nothing burger. 😤 Again, if I jumped the gun and the trophies are coming... my bad, but the previous weeks results section definitely needs fixing


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