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Platy said:
I can understand the second pic but the first is ridiculous. It happened decades ago. Just get over it.
Happened decades before he was born, but still. That's a reason to not like Argentina, plus it's why I don't think Maradona and why I don't think he's the "greatest player ever".
The current Argentina team have nothing whatsoever to do with Diego Maradona.
EDIT : Although I don't blame you for disliking Maradona over it.
They constantly whine about the Falklands, that's why I mostly dislike them. They invade somewhere, lose and then expect people to feel sorry for them when they protest. Like who are you even protesting too? David Cameron didn't look at the protest and go "Well damn, we better hand them over". 

They need to get over it, the people on the islands don't want to be part of Argentina and protesting before Football matches will not do anything for them. You don't see Germany complaining (anymore) about land taken from then after WW1.

There was an article in 2010 saying that some known Argentinian "hooligans" at the 2010 WC were going to purposely attack English fans. Whether that is true or not I do not know, but thankfully nothing happened.
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