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yugin96 said:
Safe to say, was not expecting that (I mean the Spain result, not Australia of course :P). Call me crazy, but I think Spain can still bounce back and win it.
If they can keep it together and not lose their heads like France did a few years back then yes but I think for them it's a matter of staying calm and not panicking
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I think Chile is going to draw with Spain.

Spain's only win will be against Socceroos, finishing with 4 points.

Netherlands will finish nine and Chile will finish with 4 points, passing only because the goals for-goals against.
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Yeah I know. Reckon we had the edge in the first part of the second half. Awful at the start. Pretty even the rest of the game. Come at us, Netherlands.
well atleast you can laugh at us tomorrow as we screw things up yet again :p
Good thing it's on at 8 am. I can finally get some sleep, unless @mike96 advises otherwise.
Well you know... 3 men and a little lady.. ;)
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Things I learned after yesterday:

Beating other countries in football is fun.

Beating Spain is real fun.

Beating Spain after they scored on a dive is even more fun.

Beating Spain 5-1 is so much fun, it should be contained and sold as a condiment to end world hunger.
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