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AMS97KRR said:
Wow. England really deserved something from that. Disappointed with the result, but the performance was decent from most players.
Johnson and Rooney should be dropped, I don't care if Jones has to play at RB, it is better than that total idiot Glenn "What am I doing at a World Cup" Johnson. 
And Wayne Rooney is awful. My nan could have put that away. He is on 300k a week and he can't finish from 10 yards into an empty bottom corner. Pathetic. Even Welbeck played better than him tonight. 

Harsh result, but atleast Uruguay lost too, if we play like that in the next two games it should be enough for a win. 

England didn't even play badly, but the finishing from Rooney was awful. If he isn't dropped next game there will be a riot outside the FA Headquarters, and I suspect I will not be the only one.
I agree we played well but we needed at least a draw from this game I think we can still make it but we now have to win both remaining games to make it happen and I don't think that'll be easy
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I don't think we played any worse than Brazil on the opening day. Brazil got very luck to get away with a win in that one, a penalty, a lucky goal and one that a decent keeper would have saved.

We played well, but you have to remember, the Italians are probably the 5th best team in the tournament. I'd say we should have drawn 2-2, but that's how it goes sometimes. With a bit of luck and no Rooney, I see no reason why we can't get out of the group and then get to the quarters or even semi's if we are lucky. 

If we had finished 1st, Semi's looked good, but now I doubt we'll win the group, so Brazil in the Quarters will most likely happen if we go through. You have to beat the best to be the best, and based off of todays game, we could beat Spain and Brazil if they perform as they did in their games. Granted they'll both improve, so we probably wont, but still. 

I think Hodgeson should do an LVG if we play Brazil or Spain in the Quarters, Netherlands were very good.

If only Rooney had buried that chance...
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AMS97KRR said:
Haven't seen Germany since Euro 2012, should be an awesome game though
yeah one thing I will say about the Germans is they aer entertaining in their football they certainly play in a way I like to watch anyway at least they hsave done since 2006 when Klinsmann was in charge
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England team (IMO) for Uruguay 


Welbeck is controversial but he will provide the cover Baines needs, Ox can do the same for Johnson. The rest speaks for itself. Rooney hasn't earn't a place for me, he doesn't fit in the system, so he has to be dropped. The pace in that team is disgusting.

Lambert can come on if we are losing, that is what he is there for after all. Lallana can come on for Ox at some point maybe and Sterling can be shifted over to the right hand side. Then maybe Barkley and Welbeck to swap at some point. 
I definitely think Barkley and Lallana deserve a run out though. 
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