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Jiggy said:
AMS97KRR said:
Netherlands deserved it. They kept going and got the goals, one was a penalty, but then they could have had one earlier. 
Mexico deserved it more . They were the better team. Anyway , the better team doesn't a;ways win.
They really weren't. Had a slight edge in the first half. Got the goal and got completely dominated throughout the second half. Looking at how Holland were denied two clear penalties, I wouldn't say Mexico deserved anything. Also, deserve got nothing to do with a football game.
....like I just said. And they only got dominated after they scored . If any of the smaller teams like Mexico scored against Holland they would sit back and defend their lead. 
Sitting back and defend a lead does not equal getting dominated. You can do that and still have full control over a game. If you can still create very dangerous opportunities from the counter by applying a defensive formation and the opposition is having trouble creating opportunities themselves, then you're the better team. But that wasn't the case with Mexico. They conceded corner after the corner, Ochoa saved the game twice in what looked to be sure goals, Sneijder broke through the defence once, Robben should've had a penalty and Mexico couldn't keep possession for more than two seconds. They completely lost control over the game and it wasn't because they got their goal and got defensive. It was because Holland immediately switched formation from a 5-3-2 to a 4-3-3, with Kuyt moving to the right-back position, Martins Indi as left back and Verhaegh off for winger Memphis. That confused Mexico and caused all sorts of panic and that is Holland's merit. The goals were a matter of time and fully deserved. In no way was Mexico the better team in that game.
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And suddenly my old quote pops up 14 hours late. The hell?
But Robben dived.
Yeah, at the edge of the box somewhere in the first half. Robben had three penalty-moments where there was contact, two sure penalties and the last one, that actually was given, is debatable. There was contact. Up to the ref really.
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Wow. yet another match where the big dogs are lucky to get through. And to think we cold have had Chile vs Colombia , Nigeria vs Algeria , Mexico vs Costa Rica and Switzerland vs Belgium/USA for the quarters . That would have been awesome.  :(
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I really hope Januzaj gets a chance tonight.

Notice how even the US team have their hand on their hearts, singing (mostly) and aren't afraid to put their arms around or on one another. Take note England. 
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