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Well deserved victory for Germany, after coming within inches of winning something in the past decade, they finally get something out of their hard work. They played as a team, and they won. Lost for words for Argentina, looking at their faces and oh my ..... poor Messi isn't even reacting :(
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Time to console some distraught Argentinean women.
I know what you mean.
No winky face, no hidden meaning. ;)

Anyway, I'm just doing a little counting of the matches I watched. Let's see.

Brazil v Croatia
Spain v Netherlands
Chile v Australia
England v Italy
Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina
Germany v Portugal
Ghana v USA
Belgium v Algeria
Australia v Netherlands
Spain v Chile
Colombia v Ivory Coast
Japan v Greece
Uruguay v England
Honduras v Ecuador
Belgium v Russia
Australia v Spain
Netherlands v Chile (replay)
Japan v Colombia
Italy v Uruguay 
USA v Germany
South Korea v Belgium
Russia v Algeria (replay)
Brazil v Chile
Colombia v Uruguay
Germany v Algeria
Costa Rica v Greece
Belgium v USA
Brazil v Colombia
France v Germany
Netherlands v Costa Rica
Argentina v Belgium
Brazil v Germany (replay)
Netherlands v Argentina (replay)
Netherlands v Brazil
Germany v Argentina

All up, this World Cup I watched 37 out of 64 matches which is ~59 hours of football.
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