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Setup tips - Pikes Peak


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Hi all!
Not sure this is the right section to ask, but anyway. I need some tips to prevent understeer on the mixed surface Pikes Peak. I have a fair enough setup for the full tarmac version, but when mixing between gravel and tarmac, I can't seem to remove understeer when coming out of corners, especially on gravel. I can get a good turn-in to the hairpins, but midways the car drifts out into a horrible understeer from time to time.

I have tried to loosen the front diff, while having both center and rear diff completely locked. I have also set the brake bias a little more rear, and also gone a little higher on the rear ride height. I am not having these problems when doing rally stages, the setup I am using there gives a perfect amount of oversteer out from the corners, but I can't seem to transfer this to Pikes Peak.

Cheers for all tips!


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