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F1 2019 crashes


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When I play the game, it just freezes, stil giving a continuous sound and sometimes even someone from the pit crew says something. But graphics stay frozen. Nothing works anymore and when I wait for a while (20-30 seconds), the message that it crashed pops up. I cannot make a screenshot of it, as nothing works anymore. I dont know if it's the graphics or the sound that causes the problem. Or something else?

F1 2019 version 1.22 on pc, running under steam and I play it as single player. Already downgraded the nvidia drivers from 445.75 to 442.74. Attached the latest crash report, a dxdiag file and zipped hardwaresetting folder. Can anyone help me?


DxDiag HP Prodesk 400.txt


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dxdiag still shows 445.75

The HP Prodesk 400 has many variants, can you please specify which one? Better still if you go to hp.com, click the support link and let HP detect your machine.

There are recent BIOS updates. I'd advise applying the correct one (once detected).

Also this is the second PC that I've seen with issues that has a KIngston A400 SSD. Not sure if that's significant yet.

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