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Is the Logitech DFGT OK


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Used a DFGT for 4 years and was never disappointed with it, even when the 1st one I had developed an issue, it would sometimes pause when you pulled left hard and a shifter button stopped working.

I contacted Logitech who asked me to write a number they emailed me on a peice of paper, take a picture of the wheel beside the paper showing the number and email it back to them, 24 hours later got an email with tracking no for a replacement they'd sent. This arrived the next day, so excellent customer service.

As for the wheel itself I used it for years and it made a massive difference (once I got used to using it). I now have a G27 and I find I preferred the FFB on the DFGT as it was a LOT stronger and had a more positive feel than the G27 does.

The DFGT is a noisy beast, thumping and clatttering because of this stronger FFB but, you can adjust the settings easily enough to stop this. The springs in the pedals are a bit weak though, making it hard to feel them, so I used to play with my shoes off so I could feel the pedals a bit better.

If you're changing from a controller to the wheel it'll take a while to truly master using the wheel (by this I mean when it becomes instinctive rather than "what do I do now?")

It's a very good wheel and will last you some time plus, the precision you get with a wheel is insane compared to a controller. I used mine to make this in Dirt 3
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I bought one for GT4 on PS2 when I was I think... 14, so six years ago. I've loved it ever since, I've played a ton of games with it, and the only thing I don't like about it is that it has no clutch, but you can't beat it for its price point.

And yes, it does work with this game, and it works better if you run the Logitech Profiler to increase the turning radius to about 400 degrees, in my experience. 
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