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KazzyMac said:
I actually disagree.

Yes, Flashbacks can provide rammers with enough cannon fodder to have repeated slams at people - but then, just the same, you - as the unassuming, unwilling victim of a deliberate T-bone at RBR turn 3 (aka chicane), aren't instant-wrecked out of the race for someone else being a turnip.

For me? I use them sparingly. Half the time, in fact, I use them when practicing a track, or when I spin the back end of my Mercedes T2 car around and I know I'm going to hit one of the other clean-racing guys in the lobbies I'm in (usually other NWR or DBR members, sometimes CGS). Most times that I bodge a corner up, so long as the car doesn't stop and doesn't start going the wrong way I'll simply back out, get back onto the track and continue on.

Of course, first corners are also usually necessitating them, since there's always one person who -doesn't- brake and causes a chain-reaction.

... Grid 2's become quite empty online not because of flashbacks, but because the online portion of the game isn't as good as Grid 1. The loan cars are terrible, and usually the most difficult-to-drive cars in the class (Honda NSX and T4 mercedes 722). They simply get frustrated by the poor handling and poor speed of those cars, compared to the Camaros and Mercedes-Benz and Corvettes and Bugattis everyone else commonly uses.

GAS has remedied that with all cars available for loan - so the people without their own cars will be able to be competitive. Rammers will always ram, flashbacks or not. I appreciate their presence but seldom use them. That's how it should be. :)
Exactly Kazzy I use them for that reason to when I play. Flashbacks do have their uses in CM's games simply because I think of the way the Ego engine works I've found on a lot of CM's games that have used this engine the cars do tend to get somewhat tail happy sometimes and easily spin off. I'm not saying that's the case with all  racing games as it depends on the game Shift I find is pretty stable for the most part for example. I'm not saying the games are difficult to handle by any means as they aer good fun and not too difficult to correct if you make a mistake it's just a trait I've noticed with these games
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And again it fine if players want to use flashbacks offline. That has no effect on other players that chose not to use them offline.

But allowing flashbacks online, effects all players online.

Some say we need flashbacks online because of rammers, but giving rammers flashbacks too, you just allow rammers to cause even more trouble online. So you really have not gain anything. Better to use kick vote to get rid of griefers!

Also having flashbacks online encourage some players to take risks, they would avoid if there was no flashbacks. I guess we will see in 6 months, if having flashbacks in online playlists and no text chat will encourage good online players to look else where for a good online racing game.

Still think having just 1 flashback would be a workable compromise.
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