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Bug Report - Logitech DFGT stopped working after latest updated


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System Specs

Windows 7, AMD 6870,  Intel i5 2500k

How to reproduce

My Logitech Driving Force GT wheel has stopped working since the Pikes Peak update. It was working fine for me before, but now the game has stopped responding to inputs from the wheel in both the menus and in-game. At first I thought it was because I had changed some settings in the forcefeedback xml files, but it's still not working after reverting those changes (by deleting the files and re-downloading them via steam) . The wheel still works fine in all my other racing games and simulators, so I'm pretty sure it isn't a hardware issue. There are also no other controllers connected when I try, so it shouldn't be defaulting to something else for input.

How long was your current session?

issue persists from game launch.

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