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[GRID 2019] [Visual] Wrong Ferrari dashboard animations


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The dashboard animations for Ferraris with a certain type of dash are displaying RPM in the wrong way. This might seem like a fairly minor problem and I'm grateful dashboard view was included at all in this game without making a big deal out of it before release (I remember the outcry about dashboard view prior to the release of the previous game.), but I think this could be worth fixing since you guys are required to make the cars look like their real life counterparts.

I wanted to wait after the Season 3 content dropped to see if this got fixed but seeing how this bug is still present, I thought I'd report it. I checked the last couple of pages of this sub-forum and couldn't find a report about it yet.


Example 1: Ferrari FXX (image #1) 

The animated part of the display is the black bars which go from left to right depending on how much RPM you're using. However, this is wrong, and indicated in red.

The correct animation should be a full display of the black bars filling up the entire display from left to right which would then be filled by the white bars replacing the black ones, depending on RPM. The white bars on the dashboard are already included in the template, marked in green, but it's been applied incorrectly.


Example 2: Ferrari 599XX Evo (image #2; image #3, edited for clarity)

The same problem exists for the Ferrari 599XX Evo. The white bars aren't part of the template for this one, but the issue is the exact same. Instead of the black bars' (red) numbers increasing with RPM, they should instead get filled with white bars. Image #3 from a different currently available racing game shows the correct way of displaying the dash regarding black and white bars.


Example 3: Ferrari 430 Challenge (not pictured)

Same problem as Example 1. I went back and checked.


Ferraris not affected by this bug: Ferrari 488 GTE, Ferrari 330 P4, Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione

Ferraris I did not check/don't remember: Ferrari 512 BB LM, Ferrari F430 Challenge


  • Platform: PC, Windows 10, Steam
  • Game Version:
  • Game Mode: All of them


I like racing the cars using the dashboard view, so I hope this can be addressed in a future update. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you. Stay safe, everyone!






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