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F1 2021 ideas


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On 4/19/2020 at 4:24 PM, DANDREWTHOMSON said:

What let's Codemasters down is the bugs and track inaccuracies, they is probably more, I don't do online races.

AI is much improved the best for any racing game at this times. 

I see the new consoles as something of a fresh start, 

If the AI in F1 2019 is the best of any racing game at this time, the others must be in sad shape indeed.  The AI are a lot of A and very little I.  As in, run you off the road because they are programmed to blindly follow the racing line, so how dare you drive right next to them!  🙂

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Include all the little things we had during the Xbox 360 PS3 gen we don't have now. Localized weather the same as F1 2012, The increased pitlane time in 2010 for speeding in the pitlane on full throttle, 75% race distance F1 2010, Classic tracks F1 2013, Red flags, Online game stability netcode, framerate, when lobbies are full. AI driver mistakes F1 2012 this was more evident in wet weather conditions.

If you can't do any of these things. Then give the license to somebody else since so called CODEMASTERS are incapable of providing a stable game that keeps the person engaged while racing.     

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