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On 4/20/2020 at 3:15 PM, Paul073 said:

Can someome help with a setup for the online sessions? Especialy în CATALUNYA there is a lack of grip

Here's what i use for MP:


Aero: 8/9

Transmission: 50/70

Suspension Geometry: -2.6/-1.3/0.13/0.26

Suspension: 3/5/3/5/1/3

Brakes: 92/56

Tyres: 21/19.5


PS: Yes, Catalunya, Spain, is known to be a hard track to get the right setup in F1 2019 the game. Because Codemasters messed up the overall downforce and grip levels. On PC you can mod and fix it yourself, but on consoles you can't, as console players are forced to play the vanilla version.





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Front wing: 6
Rear wing: 10

Diff on: 50
Diff off: 80

Front camber: -2.7
Rear camber: -1.2
Front toe: 0.07
Rear toe: 0.23

Front suspension: 3
Rear suspension: 3
Front anti roll: 6
Rear anti roll: 8
Front ride height: 3
Rear ride height: 4

Brakes: 82
Front brake bias: 55

Front tyre: 23
Rear tyre: 21.1


This is what i use for league racing. I think its a good setup. I do use no assist. If you got abs/tc you can up the brake and diff 
Let me know if it helps 🙂

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