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FPS drops after 1-4 hours


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When I play for 1-4 hours my FPS drops. I thought it was a memory leak, but I fixed that and it improved a little bit. But I still have FPS drop. When I restart the FPS is back to normal. I have no idea to fix this. Pls help me.


Specs :

-gtx 1060 3gb

-I5 7400

- 2x8gb ddr4


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1 hour ago, darkFizzz said:

Okay I got the DxDiag.txt for you, but I have no idea what my motherboard is. I found out that my game uses like 60-75% gpu usage, but when the fps drops it uses 40-60% I dont know how to fix that. If i restart my game the gpu usage is back to normal its so weird.


Fortunately, it's an out of the box system by Acer


Update GPU driver to 442.74

Run the Intel Driver and Support Assistant install any updates it prompts for.

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12 hours ago, darkFizzz said:

Still doesnt work :



Your .NET Framework is corrupted. 

  1. In the Programs and Features window, select Microsoft . NET Framework 4.5 (or later). Then select Uninstall/Change.
  2. Select Repair and then select Next.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. When the repair finishes, restart your computer.
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1 hour ago, DarkFizz said:

Can’t find Microsoft .net Framework 4,5 (or later) in the uninstall/change.


Then it's likely to be one of the VC++ runtimes, you can see there are 32/64 and lots of versions (this is a MS mess unfortunately), for many older apps that prompt you to install older versions of runtimes I would ignore the request and only install the ones that; a) fail the install until you do download the runtime, b) don't work when installing without the runtime (the way to do this is uninstall, then reinstall and allow the runtime during the installation). Only caveat is, make sure you are running the latest version of the installer. Some installers are updated to not use the older runtimes but have been adapted to use the newer ones (just because the installer doesn't complain when you use it, not all of them check for newer or even are aware of newer runtimes).

Once you get the Intel DSA working, I can see it will update quite a few versions of drivers. And Java is outdated since the 14th we have been on 8u251. 🙂

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37 minutes ago, DarkFizz said:

So do I need to reinstall every VC++ or I don’t really understand what to do. Can you explain it different?

Select them and repair them, there should be an option when highlighting them in that Control Panel screen. If there isn't download them again from Microsoft.

But it is better to have as few as possible really. Only necessary ones.

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But how do I know which one is necessary and which one isn’t ? If it isn’t necessary do I need to remove them and don’t install them back? Do I need to repair the ones with the launcher icon or the other one? I repaired the ones with launcher icons, but couldn’t repair the other ones.

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Simplest way is to backup the game and uninstall then reinstall from backup as it forces a first run that fixes the relevant runtimes. More inconvenient.

You can't expect me to know every dependency of every bit of software? They're installed as you install programs, you've more chance knowing than me.

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