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Impossible lap time (very, very fast: 0.55 on Bahrain short)

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A few days ago I opened a thread on steam forum.

I'm getting some impossible laptimes when rancing online.

I've made a lot of mistakes during the hot lap and still was able to beat the world record. 

See, I'm not THAT good... it is impossible i'm breaking these records. And NO, i'm not cheating... Please, how can I fix this? It only happens in online mode (and it starts after i've bought the a11 skin)



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verifies the partials of the three sectors. you will probably see abnormal times in one or more sectors.

maybe you have internet network problems. usually happens when you have a strong lag.

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It keep hapening. The cars is very very fast. You can feel it.

On the race starts I jumpo immediately from 17th from 2nd... 

My internet connection works fine. I play CS GO and every other game with 5 of ping.

Seriouly.. im wondering if I can get my money back. I bought the game, lots of DLC and the legends edition and i just can't play.

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