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Lenovo Y50-70 i7 4710HQ 8 GB + nVidia 860m 4gb DDR 5 - Performance Issues ( SOLVED! :D)

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Hi guys, I am having an hard time in getting the game to run decently fluid with the system above.
My goal is to have 60 FPS and medium settings or there about in 1980x1080p.
At the moment not even close :(, getting 40-50 FPS on a combination of Low -ultra low.
For the ones who have the same system can you share your experience and some advice?
Thank you.

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Areyouben said:
Do you have the latest drivers? Those seem to make a difference.

Edit, GPU drivers^
Hi, yes have all the Drivers up to date. No glory for me :(

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Hi guys, fortunatly i found the cause of the bad performance.
For the ones with the same setup(laptop) try the steps below:

1. check you laptops "Power Options" I had mine in "Green mode". Change this to "High Performance"
2. go to nvidia control panel > 3d Options> referred graphics processor> nvidia high performance processor.
3. Launch the the Geforce experince > Games tab>choose the Dirt rally game> Press "Optimize"  use Optimal settings( you can fiddle a littele bit to have more FPS) ,this setting uses a mix of High and Ultra and i get steady 50-60 fps,
4. Lauch the game

DONE!!! The game looks great and its a joy to drive now.
This also fixed the performance for all other games.

Pass the word on this :)

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