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[PC] Error: Lost connection to steam


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When playing in a multiplayer seassion I get the Error message Lost connection to steam. This seems to happen randomly while driving. The game will then kick me to the home screen where i can press to reconnect, but with no succes. Only restarting the whole game fixes the issue. I play on a mix of high/ultra settings at 80fps+. My internet connection is wired and reliable. While the game says lost connection to steam, everything else (chrome etc.) still is able to access the internet. 

Plattform: PC

Version: 1.22 (latest)

Game mode: unranked Multiplayer

Amount of players: 5 to 20 players. This doesnt seem to have an impact on the issue.

How often does this happen: It happens frequently. In 50% league races about one time per race. Can also happen in 5 lap races.

Troubleshooting I tried: Restarting, resetting settings, updating any kind of drivers, etc. with no succes.

AccesoriesG29 Wheel

Currently no Video of it. Will post a comment with a video of it the next time it happens.

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3 minutes ago, iasonstv said:

Okay, I will try that. Is there any particular reason behind that? 

Some are saying it causes instability and loss of internet, etc. 

You can uninstall it and easily re-install if there is no change. Microsoft are not aware of issues but it seems fairly random. It did not install cleanly for me (on the gaming PC) and although I can find no problem with Windows, F1 was a bit broken immediately after but reloading my graphics driver and toggling some settings got things happier.

I'd removed the facilty to go back, so if you go back and report I'll understand if there is real substance in the claims.

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2 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

The obvious problem is the 445.87 driver, please use 442.74

Can you remove InputMapper 1.6 please?

Also try the HyperX Cloud II unplugged. Use system audio.

Okay, I will try with the older Nvidia driver. InputMapper is for when i play games with my PS4 controller, i have it disabled when not in use. I have had the headphones since i think F1 2017 without problems but ill try that one aswell.

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