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List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

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17 hours ago, KingOfKingsYNWA said:

Quick and simple pick any 5 of forza because there all good and codies doesn't fix their games!

😜 You're 'supposed' to use only positive criteria when stating your 5 most recent enjoyed games. But I will allow your response as 'all good' is obviously positive! The whole point of the thread was to learn about games from other players in the forums as opposed to biased media reviews. I've already added to games to my Steam wishlist because of this thread. I'd be interested to know what you liked to most about the Forza games seeing as you have played nothing BUT them!  I've watched a few Forza streams and I can see it is obviously a fun game presented in a light hearted way. Is it the fun factor that keeps you coming back to the same series for example or is it car handling, or tracks or career modes etc?

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