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[PC] Logitech G430 Multiplayer online voices


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1.       Hello, i have Logitech G430 Headset on my computer, and they work good with the game. I can hear engineer, i can hear game sound, everything except multiplayer voices. I Don't know why, people can hear me, but i can't hear them.
2.       Game Version 1.22
3.       Multiplayer Game mode
4.       I have this problem since first day
5.       Always happens
6.       I have no idea what to do, i haven't found yet anything on internet
7.       XBOX One Game Pad, but Headset is directly connected to my pc
8.       i do not have screenshots or video


DxDiag 21042020.txt

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19 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

The 445.87 is not recommended for F1 2019. 442.74 is okay.

Check the Default Device and Default Communications device is set as the G430 in Windows 10.

Go to the advanced audio and set the Logitech G430 as the default output device in-game.

Out of interest here is the latest GHub and LGS. Good luck!

I've tried everything.... and i completely forgot about windows. Cause i had the problem only on this game

Thanks, now it works.

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