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[PC/STEAM - F1 2019] League stuck on Qualifying session

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I am running a league in F1 2019, and it is unable to progress past the short qualifying session for round 3 (China). We completed the session, and on the results screen I selected "no" on the dialog box asking if we wanted to go directly into the race, as a few players were unable to make the session, and one had disconnected during qualifying. We created a lobby immediately after qualifying ended, and when the session began, it was another short qualifying session. We completed this session, and it said that the results were unable to be processed, and we were kicked to the league screen. When trying to start a new session, the league's main screen said the next session was a race, but the lobby was created for another quali session.

We all quit to the main menu, and had the league owner (me) create a new session, but it was also a qualifying session. This occurred on Sunday, and I have tried to create another lobby today, and it still wants to start a short qualifying session.

The only culprit I can think of is that we added Quali to our calendar before round 2 (Bahrain) to give people a buffer for joining if they were late, and also to get human players in front of the AI substitutes. This change did not take until the next race weekend, which makes sense, but now we are unable to progress past qualifying. Is it possible to force a league to skip a session? I am the league owner and can wrangle enough people to vote for whatever change needs to be made.

I have attached images of the main league screen, and the lobby, and have a video of when the issue began available here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/598583364


Game version: 1.22, sadly I do not recall what version I was using when I started the league.

Thanks for your help!







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