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Thrustmaster tx wheel not center


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hope you guys can help me.

i have the issue that my thrustmaster tx wheel is a little off center.

i friend of mine has done the firmware update to the latest version.

can i calibrate the wheel on the Xbox or in game?(F1 2019) 

I don’t have a laptop or pc at home so i can’t calibrate it that way.

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1 hour ago, Jarno1991 said:

can i calibrate the wheel on the Xbox or in game?(F1 2019) 


Yes you can reset the centre point of your wheel. (I've done it on pc for my T300 and it works very well. The process is the same for TX. (The instructions are copied below from the Thrustmaster site (or go to TM support and look at FAQ for your wheel).

It depends which wheel rim you are using, but here's a direct copy from TM site - 


'Reconfiguring the racing wheel's center value (If the racing wheel is slightly off-center in the Control Panel)   - If using a Xbox One™, we recommend performing this procedure in the Xbox One™ system's menu (not in a game). - If using a PC, we recommend performing this procedure via the Windows® Desktop (not in a game), after exiting the Control Panel. 
1) Connect the racing wheel's USB cable (on Xbox One™ or on PC), then wait for the auto-calibration phase to end. 
2) Turn the racing wheel fully to the left (until you reach the stop). 
3) Turn the racing wheel fully to the right (until you reach the stop). 
4) Make sure that your racing wheel is perfectly centered ; while holding it in this position,  press the: Y, X & MODE buttons simultaneously  (FLASH, PIT & MODE buttons on the 458 CHALLENGE GTE wheel & 599XX EVO 30 Alcantara® wheel) (K, N & MODE buttons on the F1 wheel).

5) The racing wheel's LED briefly changes colour, then reverts to its initial colour. This means that the wheel's center value has been reset and automatically saved to the device's internal memory (you do not need to repeat the procedure every time you connect the racing wheel); this applies to all of the TX's wheels (458 ITALIA, 458 CHALLENGE GTE,  F1, etc.). 


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it would appear that buttons 10, 3 and MODE should be the key combo. Hold 10 & 3 with two fingers of one hand then press the MODE with the other hand.

If this does not work I would check the firmware was updated to v55 and use the default wheel rather than the Open Wheel rim.

It may just be that because the Open Wheel came out after the TX base that the update lacks this function. If you really can't achieve it, drop TM a tech support email, they may be able to check or fix it for the next TX firmware.

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I just tried it with my open wheel addon on my T300 and it does work (but for me it's 5 + right paddle(2) + mode).

So I would give it another go - remember, full left rotate, full right rotate, back to exact centre, then press 3 + 10 + mode briefly.

Then look in TM control panel to see if your centre position is 50.0%.

BTW, do NOT worry if it doesn't end up in the centre when it self calibrates, it does not always, simply because of the speed of rotation, it sometimes spins and stops off centre - what matters is the 50.0% in the control panel.


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Hi guys 

I had the same issue. The centre of the open wheel on the Tx was slightly off. It would not go through the centre calibration process with the open wheel, I had to connect the original italia wheel. Once I did that, it worked. Another tip - when doing this process make sure you are on the Xbox Home Screen where you have the side tab open (I.e the screen to scroll on when wanting to Join a party, Quit a game etc.). If you don’t do this when you press the calibration buttons it opens the search tool.

Hope this helps.

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I have a similar issue as the belt on my t300 slipped and I cant reset it. I also don't have any of the thrustmaster wheels just an after market one. I was just wondering if there was any way that I could do the same thing but without a thrustmaster wheel (I'm on pc)

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