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How is it possible

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Playing in Season 2 of the carreer mode at 90% drove for Torro Rosso in S1 and now Red Bull in S2

Doing free practise in Hungary , i set the top times every Free Practise session and yet i cant complete a single training programme because my times are too slow.

Im p1 in the times vs the other drives....yet i fail every programme.....this has never happened before on every other track i pass them all most of the time with purple ....just here in Hungary zero.

In Season 1 i had no problems there tho so it makes no sense now.

Once again typical Codemasters amateur stuff.

I seriously hope you guys dont mess up F1 2020, but you probably will.

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It's either that they don't test the game enough (they claim they do) or, they just don't care.

The general lack of polish is really a big turn off. Don't have 19 but in 18 for example, get a car 3/4 upgraded in aero and it just drags the ground all the time no matter how you set it up. AI teammate has no such issues! The games are full of little frustrations like this, and added to the poor handling/set up model, I can't pay codemasters for their f1 games. Only second hand after all patches for me, and even then it's still to much to put more than a handful of hours in.

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