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Finding Skins for CMR 2.0

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(Not sure if past CMR games have a place in the DiRT forums, but then DiRT was called a CMR game right?)
I was lucky enough to find an old CD of CMR 2.0 and was surprised that it still worked. I wanted to look for more custom skins for the game, since I saw RallyGamer's skins for it, and found an archived site with obviously dead links.
Does anyone know a good place to find any CMR2 skins at all? Or is it too late?

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i have a huge archive of cmr2 liveries ( i think over 500) so if you are looking for a specific livery show me an image and i look it up for you :-) oh and no you can`t get all the 500+ liveries :-P
You can contact me via my website.

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