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Time simulation after perfomance graph changes in later career


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Platform: Every - mine (PC)

Version: Since intruduction of upgrades in career mode - F1 2016 I think

Game mode: Career mode

Explenation of the issue: After few races and few upgrades to teams when you are fast-forwarding time in quali or when you are out in Q1 or Q2 simulated times are simulated based on S1 R1 perfomances and not by current perfomance of cars in current season.

Down below, I´ve attached a picture where you can see extreme situation when williams is 1st in perfomance chart and I´m out in Q1. After Q2 and Q3 Russell in Williams should be in front, but when times are simulated he is in 15th place with time 5 sec slower than us in q1 with clear weather in whole quali. Also Mercedes (7th in perf charts) is on pole

So I´m asking for F1 2020 or even 2019 to make times simulated by current perfomance in chart and not by the S1 R1 perfomance.


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