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Multiplayer CAmera is set to Near Chase


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Hi guys,

Sorry to create a new post but i couldnt find anyone with a similar problem to mine. I must be doing something wrong because when i try to race on multiplayer and get to the game i always get the Near Chase camera and can't change it to a front facing camera! I cant change cameras but always facing back.  

I checked the default camera and it's cockpit just like in the single player. Can't really understand what's going on. Can someone please help

  • Im using a PC and running the game on Steam
  • Game Version 1.22
  • Multiplayer Ranked & Unraked races
  • Various numbers of players
  • What happened in the lead up to the problem? It's start as soon as I enter game mode
  • No error message, the game run just fine if you ignore the camera facing backwards (smh)
  • Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Using Logitech G29


I'm sure this is just something that i'm doing wrong, but i really can't find the problem here!

Thanks for the help.

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You can change the Camera view by pressing C on the keyboard while playing. There is an equivalent button on the G29 but I can't find the mappings.

There is a Camera View setting in the in-game options. Press ESC or Menu on the G29 and on that first menu Driving View can be toggled through the available camera options.

Allegedly, T-Cam is an ASSIST and you should use COCKPIT 😉

Edit: Unless I read your message wrong and your camera view is always looking back.

Options: Stuck rear view button (keyboard,controller or wheel). Second controller (with analog stick) wants unplugging. Something wrong with the G29 (could be old LGS, try G-Hub).

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