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[Bug Report] No Online Events - "Event has Changed" message constant loop. Force close DIRT RALLY


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I apologise if this has been posted before, but I cant find it anywhere!

From the menus I select online events and I get this:

"Getting Online Events from Racenet"

I then get:

"An Online event has changed, the events will now be refreshed"

I have no option but to click OK and it repeats the process again.  I have to force close Dirt completely to get out of it.

So basically I have no online racing at all which sucks!  Big time.   Or should I say BUG time.  Its been like this ever since I installed it two weeks ago.

Anyone else getting this issue or do you know if it is being fixed??  Please let me know.


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As no response to this yet, it might be worth running the validation of your files from within Steam to ensure all your files are correctly there and fully working.  If you're the only one with the problem (and the lack of response would suggest so) it could be an install issue on your PC. Right clicking the game in your Library should bring up the relevant option to run the validation.

Secondly and more likely it could be a cache content issue or something which if you can may need to be cleared/deleted - not something I've needed to do for anything Steam related just some Support experience I've gained over the years from our software where deleting the entire contents of the programs active TEMP folder on the affected client machine and restarting the program often resolves. It will then repopulate the temp folder as required with fresh files the next time you start and use the game (assuming it works on the same principal and there should be a temp folder of some type). Hopefully clearing/deleting the cache will remove whatever is causing the looping issue and allow you to enter through to the events menu.

If that doesn't resolve either perhaps from a Dev perspective (if the Gaming Evolved client will allow you to stop the recording and I don't see why not as you are at that point still in the game) it may be helpful if you record it and up it to plays.tv and provide the link to the video page.. It may or may not record the force-close as the AMD overlay may be made inactive when the game is force-crashed. Never tried it so wouldn't know. You can at least get the bulk of it recorded.

Lots of assumptions made admittedly, but it might be worth a try :) 
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Thanks for that.  I validated the game chache, it came back as "OK"  Re-tested, no change.

Deleted local game and restored from backup - no change

Deleted local game and re-downloaded all content - no change

I have tried logging into Racenet first but the problem still remains

Here is a link to a video which shows the process and what happens: (in the background you can see the names of the new events I just cant access them because as soon as I click on "OK" it repeats the process again)


I dont know what else I can do without Codemasters helping out but at the minute I cant access ANY online events.
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Ive added the steam ports in the 27000 range plus 3704 to my firewall - no change.

I even turned off my firewall altogether - no change.

Logging in as my brother steams account on my PC experiences the same problem, yet his steam profile works fine at his house.  In fact using my bros account on my PC it got a stage further and showed my the daily events then when I clicked OK to play it, it came up with the "events are being refreshed" message and the loop started again.  Arrrgggghh.

Still a problem
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For anyone reading this, the issue is now fixed and online events are not looping.  Developers advised to check that your time and date and location was correct in windows.  Mine was but I noticed that in my event viewer although the time and date was correct and my location was correct there was an error saying "The time service has detected that the system time needs to be  changed by -86496 seconds. The time service will not change the system time by more than 54000 seconds"  I worked out that 86496 seconds is around 24 hours.  I then checked the date in my BIOS on windows startup and found that is was 1 day behind.  I adjusted this, reboot the PC and now everything is OK.  Very happy now after a lot of frustration.   Cheers guys.
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