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Pace notes TLC


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I had this big moment in one of the promo daily challenges, group A in Scotland, Rosebank farm. The call for the turn is a “6-right through dip, tightens 4, extra extra long.” I may have started the cut a bit too early, but COME ON GAME! Didn’t think to tell me “don’t cut” or “log inside” to avoid the brick wall, I mean, fallen log on the inside of the corner?!? I had no idea what I hit until watching the replay. You can see it just at the last moment in-car, it’s a bit more noticeable in the chase cam, but please game. Some of these calls leave so much to be desired. And apparently it’s a rainy day in the game as the three events I’ve tried so far (RX promo, Group A promo, and H2 daily event) are all heavy rain. 

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