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Stuck on "Communicating with online services" SOLVED ITSELF

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@BarryBL or any Codemaster person. So I just beat my score in the Canada Event and hit Advance and have now been stuck on the "communicating with online services" screen for 10 minutes. Will my score be uploaded or will it be my old score that I just spent hours trying to beat? I'm obviously going to need to sign out of PSN because this is literally doing nothing. I have a video and a screenshot of my score. 

EDIT: so after an hour I decided to not sign out of PSN and instead close the Application and reopen the game. I did this whilst having a small panic attack lol. When I went to the Leaderboards to check, my top score had been uploaded so the issue has resolved itself thankfully so @BarryBL please disregard.

P74 now, as of 9:32 EST

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