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Hey everyone!


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hey guys, new member to the forum.

been an F1 fan since 2014, however only really got into the gaming side of properly since F1 2019, so relatively new to the gaming franchise. 

I love last years game because of the depth to it, starting in F2 and working your way up, being able to develop the car is cool and mixes up the grid, and even driver transfers made it very interesting. tried online here and there but kept coming across griefers lol so gave up after a while. 

what's everyone looking forward to about the new game? building a team sounds awesome

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17 hours ago, UP100 said:

Welcome! 🙂

As you seem to be interested in the My Team mode, maybe you'd want to let us know what kind of team you'd like to create in the mode?



that's an interesting thread, definitely cant wait to see what that game mode is like. it has a lot of potential 

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