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Championship Reset

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So I was on my second championship in the game and rather enjoying it, and then the game goes: "We found a discrepancy between a local save and online data on your career progress and are resetting you current championship". I was on the last rally of the championship and in the lead of the championship. Is there any way to recover my progress at all? Or do I just have to do it all over again. Apparently this has been a problem for some time.

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No way to recover it unfortunately. Has happened to me once, a serious PITA that should not happen to anyone ever. This has been happening to a lot of players since the game was launched but it's not going to be fixed ever.

For future titles CM really need to ditch this forced online thing for singleplayer that they can't get to work. Traditional local savegames ftw. They don't reset because of a Racenet/connection problem.

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Have they updated this? is it possible to recover now? Its been a while. Sorry to bring up a old post but I have the same problem.

Here is a screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242348730

I must have driven 12-18 stages, and now they are all gone, its not very fun. I got to a screen where I could repair the car, And I did that. then selected new tires. And clicked the "exit to main menu" on the bottom of that list. I thought it would save my progress.

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Nope. This has been reported by countless players since about 10 minutes after the game was first released but nothing has ever been done about it. Racenet seems to be working relatively well in the last few weeks though, that's something at least. Still the possibility exists that your career championship can be reset any time, with no possibility to recover it since it's all server-side. Local savegames could have a backup save, DR1 had it, but Codies server-side saving has no backup.

I still don't have a clue what the deal is about the ENTIRE championship being reset. Like if you complete 71 stages without problems, progress from 71 stages is saved, then there's a problem on the 72nd stage, why does it reset the entire effing championship instead of only losing progress from the one stage? Makes no sense.

Also just what in the hell is this "local save data" considering My Team is entirely server-side and has no local savegames????

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So I just got the GOTY edition for Xbox One, installed it, put the code in for the pack, loaded the game and it gives me the discrepancy error.  Also the country packs don't load either

Any way around this?

I have reinstalled the game once already.

The game just flat out doesn't work 🤣

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