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GRID, Rally 2.0, F1 2019 in DX12 crashing each time

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Posted (edited)

Hello, guys. I am not able to play GRID at my system, and also I am not able to run other Codemasters games in DX12 mode.
The game launches, sometimes reaches "press enter" screen, sometimes crashes at intro, sometimes even doesn't pop up. I noticed, that sometimes the game application is not in focus, and if I Alt-TAB in game's window, it exists and I get a crash handler window, but I seen the video intro and hear the sound. 
I was really confused, and I went to one cool shop to grab non-denuvo versions. And the most interesting thing, that a cracked versions of this games are working perfectly, and MSI Afterburner shows the DX12 render. But, the Steam versions are "working" like this. So, I am not able to play GRID, play Dirt, but thanks at least for the DX11 mode in F1 2019.

My system is:
i7 5820K
48GB of DDR4 2400
ADATA Gammix S11 Pro
Windows 10 1809 (I can't upgrade due to lot's of sensetive software, and I will crack my head with it's reinstallation)
Soundblaster AE-5
X99-UD5 WiFi
Latest nVidia drivers. The system works stable for 24/7 in different software and games, so, don't look for the problems that I don't have.

I tried:
- verified the game files
- different nVidia drivers
- disabled the 2nd display
- installed one more time to HDD
- installed spare ssd with a clean Win 10 1909 and it's also crashes
- disabled Bitdefender
- maybe something else

So each time I get different access violations, at the same address, or at dx11 DLL (?!), or just an error.  

So, I am completely confused that I can't run legally purchased versions of the games and I can't race with my mates. 
Where is the problem? How can I get them to run? I really love the new GRID, and all Codemaster games. I even went to Gamescom last year to see it, and I am really ****** off with a broken games.
T300 Alcantara is crying 😞

Thank you.






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Hey @DarkJoney. I'm sorry you're having these issues. GRID is only supported officially in DX12 to trying to run it in DX11 isn't a good idea.

I've been looking into what could be causing this but because it's on PC, it's so hard to diagnose problems. We always recommend updating your drivers and Windows so the fact you're running 1809 could be part of the issue. I appreciate that you've tried running the game on a different hard drive with 1909 installed but the switching of hardware could be causing an issue. 

My next suggestion would be to delete your 'hardware config settings' file that can be located here: C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\My Games\GRID (2019)\hardwaresettings. When you next load the game up, there will be a new version of that file created. 

Let me know how you get on.

Edit: Also, MSI Afterburner can cause issues with our games. Try not running it when playing GRID/F1 2019 in DX12 mode - it has been known to cause crashes.

Second edit: Had word from someone in the studio that you could also try disabling Steam overlay. The main crux of the issue may well be that older version of Windows though.

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Looks like one of the reason these crashes maybe hardware problem. I got these errors every hour in game. Someday i catch random drivers crashes with BSOD when system just idle and once i didnt see one of my SSD in system. Now i try reconnect my HDD and SSD wires, because they are very strained. Also for sure i remove splitter (Akasa Flexa FP5) with 4 fans from 1-chasis motherboard connector and plag just 1 fan, remove 1 memory bar.

And looks like trick with hard drives help me, because after 4+ hours i have no see these errors. Not sure in this solution, but who knows. Also can recommend dont overclock, remove unnecessary usb devices, disable second GPU (if it exists in device manager).


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