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Hello to all!

Vans & Arjen

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Hello my name is Arjen Weijers and I ride together with my son of 9 with karts and every day we drive in our Race Simulator.
I'm a big fan of F1 since the early 90's and my son was born and raised with racing. Together we drive a lot in F1 from codemasters, my son will be driving the game on PS4 from 2016. Recently he got a Fanatec CSL elite racing wheel and now he plays much more on the PC because the steering wheel can be set better there. He drives a.o. with iRacing and KartKraft.
He really wants to test the new F1 2020 on his PC with his Fanatec steering wheel. The advantage is that with his young age he can provide a lot of useful information about his target group.

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