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League “Apply Grid Penalty” feature Not working


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Some friends and I play a league and because our Different racing levels are kind of different, we use the “apply grid penalty feature to the fastest ones, so they could still do the qualy but start with a 10 penalty grid and at least start mid race (we use full grid AIs)

I am not sure why, but from 5 races, 2 worked great and 3 the penalties were not applied, making them to start from the beginning of the grid without penalties.

notes below:

- on demand league

- full grid completed with AIs

- 11 humans in total (last race)

- no practice, qualy 18 mins, race 100%

- 4 humans with 10 penalty grid and 1 with 5 penalty grid

I am not quite sure What is happening, maybe the game finds it hard to calculate all the changes and skip it? 

have you seen this issue? 



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