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F1 2019 Featured Weekly Event is showing my score as zero

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I've attempted the Canada event (wet to dry track - Max Verstappen) quite a number of times and was registering scores, then for some reason every time I try it is showing all my scores as zero.

I tried restarting my console but this didn't fix the issue. Any ideas? I have had this happen in the past as well.

I'm not getting any error codes.

Game: F1 2019

Version: 1.22

console: xbox one

pheripherals: Thrustmaster TX base, F1 wheel and pedals, Turtle Beach stealth 700 headset.20200427_105154_HDR.thumb.jpg.c494f8e804839e65655503314b4d7d1a.jpg


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Did any resolution ever come on this issue? Same has happened to me this week..

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