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Bug: Co-driver repeating calls and missing some


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Odd bug I've just encountered, first time in nearly 30 hours of gaming. Towards the end of the Route de Turini stage the co-driver started repeating calls twice, word for word, and missed out a few corners.This was for pretty much the final quarter of the stage.

I'm also finding that his call of "Finish" on every stage is very muffled compared to every other call, which is odd!

Bug Report Form

System Spec
Win 7 64 bit, Intel i5 2500 3.3Ghz, 8GB RAM, AMD 6800 1GB, Soundblaster X-Fi soundcard

Steps to reproduce
Championship, Elite, Monte-Carlo: Route de Turini (10/10), BMW M3, bonnet cam, from about the last quarter of the stage all the way to the end

Your recent history of races 
Just this full championship today, with a break after the 4th stage, and the daily stage first thing.

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
10/10 Route de Turini

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
Didn't crash, game ran as normal but some co-driver calls were repeated and others completely missed out. Kept finding his position and calling the corner, then repeating the call, going quiet for 5 seconds or so, then finding position again etc etc. This started at approximately the 6th intermediate of 8 (can't be certain as I didn't have the progress or timing active on the HUD)

How long was your current session?
About an hour, maybe 90 minutes

Which graphics preset were you using?
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I just played a stage of Route De Turini Montee and had the exact same issue. I suspect the co-driver calls have not been properly playtested at this point for all stages.

I was already half way over the embankment in Route De Turini when the co-driver called Hairpin Right, lol. After that point I realised that the co-driver was not reliable and went on by sight only.

There's also two missing calls on one of the Powys, Wales stages as you go over a left 6 crest (the icon is there but no audio). I'll see if I can find the name of the stage.
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Happening to me on various stages as well, and seems although a few calls seemed off before, it seems something in the pike's peak patch messed something up on some courses.  Can confirm that about halfway through Route De Turini Montee the calls get way out of sync, getting hairpin calls as you're already halfway out of the turn, and other calls completely backwards from what you're seeing.
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This bug completely destroyed my monthly challenge, when my evil codriver repeated a "left six" when it shouldve been "hairpin right" after first call!
Thus ending my best streak with a decently fresh car on stage 23 of 24 (monaco) with a fatal wreck when I plowed through some wooden fence into the wild.

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