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[PC] Direct3D has been removed (0x887A0006)

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Hello there.


1. Direct3D has been removed ! Reason : 0x887A0006. The game freezes, the sound keeps going, black screen, then total crash, back to windows with the error.

2. Patch 1.22

3. All game-mode. 

4. I am able to recreate the issue. I launch the game, my T300RS is already connected, any mode, loading setup, drive for 1 lap, crash.

5. I see this problem since Sunday around 10pm during a league race (unranked) in Singapour, lap 1. Since this moment, I cannot drive at all. I did not touch anything on my computer before this bug. It just happened.

6. Troubelshooting : I've tried updating Windows, not working. Updating to the last Nvidia driver (445.98), not working. Realtek, already the latest. 

7. Accessories T300RS Ferrari wheel.

8. Everything just freeze, I can't take any screenshot or video.


I hope that I didn't forget anything you need. And not have to change my gpu.. The game used about 45% before, but since 2 days, 95/100% of the gpu.

Thanks for reading.


Best regards.



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Update motherboard drivers before carrying out BIOS update. Reboot after installation. 

Realtek HDA driver

MSI B350 GAMING PRO Beta BIOS (Update includes latest AGESA).

Our reporting test pool is small but if you DDU and reinstall 445.98?

You are overdriving the monitor at 70Hz (at 1920x1080 60Hz is the supported refresh rate). Use V-SYNC and 60Hz.

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