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F1 2019- Setup Abu Dhabi

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Can someone help me to get a setup, for race, and without a lot of degradation of tyres. (In Abu Dhabi)

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Hey mate!
Im using this setup for league racing. Is really good for me with good tyre wear.(won last league race with this setup) 

Front wing: 2
Rear wing: 5

Diff on: 50
Diff off: 63

Front camber: -2.5
Rear camber: -1
Front toe: 0.05
Rear toe: 0.20

Front suspension: 1
Rear suspension: 2 (you could go 2-2 for more stability, but i found this better)
Front anti roll: 4
Rear anti roll: 10
Front ride height: 3
Rear ride height: 4

Brakes: 82
Front brake bias: 55

Front tyre: 23
Rear tyre: 21.1


I do use no assists. So if you use abs you can probably up the brake if you want and for TC you can up the diff on if you like.

Let me know what you think of it 🙂

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