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How to change the behaviour of steering in Dirt Rally

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Good morning, I read this post:


I have the same problem and I want to have a raw input data, not only for the controller... but also for a cheap racing wheel I bought. This one is seen by Dirt rally as a controller, and so there is steering lock with speed and so on.

I'm using Dirt rally (not dirt rally 2.0) on Ubuntu Linux 19.10, so the information in the quoted topic is not the same I need.

First, there they speak about "dxdiag", what is and how can I found it? I need it to find the product ID of my controller.

secondly, I don't have the file "device_defines.xml", but in the "input" folder there is one xml file for each supported controller. This xml is a bit different from that reported here, I try to add "type="wheel", but nothing changes.

Any help?



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