Hi Everyone, Hope you're all well and staying safe! Just wanted to start a discussion regarding engine sounds for the upcoming game. Seeing as though the game is coming out relatively soon (July), I believe that these will probably already be finalised. However, I would love to pass on some constructive feedback on the car sounds of 2019. Kindly enough, someone already compiled a video comparing 2019 car sounds and how they sound in real life:   F1 2019 Game sounds vs Real life   Feedback: The Mercedes sound in real life is a lot more smoother and not as harsh as it does in the game. I would love it if CM was to try and lets say replicate the real life sound as much as they could as it is quite unique. It doesn't sound much like the game. The downshifts in the game also don't sound quite as realistic. Sorry I may be coming across as vague but its quite hard to explain sounds. The Mercedes in real life has a much more higher pitched sound in comparison to the game which is very deep and throaty.   The Ferrari sound is quite realistic and I have to give kudos to CM where its due so thanks very much for quite a realistic sounding engine.  One thing I would add is the fact that there is an underlying turbo sound on the Ferrari so if you could add that. That would be Amazing.   The Renault sound's very very realistic so kudos to CM once again. One thing I would add is that the downshift sounds a bit unrealistic and quite computerised, so this is an area I believe we can improve in.   Last but not least The Honda Similar to the Mercedes, the Honda in real life sounds alot more smoother and not as rough as the game makes it out to be. One thing that it would be good to add is the pops and crackling on the downshift. This is something you have been successful doing with the Ferrari in the Game.   All in all the engine sounds are currently great but it would be amazing if you could take them to the next step, especially the Mercedes and the Honda. I would also like to understand that I completely understand that because of whats going in on the world right now it may have been hard for you to record the engine sounds or may have disrupted it, so if it has completely understand. Could you just take this into account for the future?
Also to add, I understand that the engine might sound the way it does due to where they place the Mic's on the car's. However, may I suggest CM put the Mic in the same place that FOM/FIA put the Mics for their onboard sounds (not sure if they already do) as this will maximise the realism.   @BarryBL would it be possible for you to pass this general feedback back to the team?   Thanks everyone !   Tomi