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Can't post on my Nexus 7 (2012) without using a Bluetooth keyboard. I tap the comment box but the on-screen keyboard doesn't appear. Pasting something into the box (holding the tap) works but when I try to then edit the paste the on-screen keyboard flashes on and off.
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If images are not allowed in signatures then why have the option to "Strip images out of signatures" when editing your signature?
Hopefully images in signatures is coming soon?

EDIT2: If Vanilla has the options, making the forum more mobile-friendly would be helpful.
EDIT: Tapatalk integration/option would be excellent for us mobile users.
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Had the problem with the '1' appearing beside 'Unanswered' earlier today with no actual unanswered questions- now though there is an unanswered thread to go along with it. Perhaps the system is a little slow in updating the number?
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