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I think I speak for many when I request a 'Delicious' button. As you may know, people post their culinary purchases in the "What was your last purchase thread?" and sometimes 'Like' does not suffice. As a result, I, and many others, cannot adequately express ourselves when we see something truly delectable that another forumer has bought.

Moreover, 'Delicious' is not only a word to describe food. As commentators in Australia have proven, 'delicious' can also communicate an extremely pleasurable feeling when seeing something aesthetically pleasing. Here is an example:


I consider this of delicious importance and request you implement this as soon as possible for the good of your constituents (I elect to buy your games and join the forums?)

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Satine said:
It's not about quantity, it's about quality. Contribute positively with posts other people respond to and your ranking goes up :)
A lot of people just spam those buttons tho can you change it to something like each person can only click the buttons once per hour to stop some people leveling so quick?
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Today I've sometimes had to refresh a page to get anything to show up. Like I would click on a category and the screen would have nothing on it, just white, but then I refresh and it's there. A bit odd as that hasn't happened before.

EDIT: Sorry, just realised this issue was posted earlier. At least I'm not the only one experiencing this issue then.
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