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New player of GRID on Stadia using controller - advice please

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Apologies  for this nooby request, but I want to get going on GRID, but finding it difficult.

  • Older player (60) new to using a stadia controller (previously played/liked Nintendo wii).
  • New to stadia and to racing games (ride bikes, drive cars non virtual)
  • Perception  - no learning mode/tutorial, so just keep crashing until you improve.
  • We have one stadia pro account and 2 controllers - finding it hard to work out how to use a controller each and have an avatar each without paying twice.
  • Like the game and graphics but find steering and acceleration  too sensitive/quick - how do you deal with this in the fame or on the controller?  Or is the answer just get a  wheel - if so, which one.


Thanks for any advice or suggestions 


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Posted (edited)
  • For this, try to look up the controls in the menu. Main Menu -> Options -> Controls -> Edit Input.
  • Try to take it slow, and drive with 0 AI on the tracks. Increase your speed overtime.
  • Follow the above tip, and you will improve your perception.
  • I think you need to ask the Google stadia team about this.
  • I would stick to TC-2 (Touring Cars), Classic Mini Cup (Invitational), and Modified (Tuner) cars as they are the easiest to drive.
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I've moved this to the right forums for you 🙂 

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