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I'm Confused About Tyre Set Changes Allowed

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Hello all,

I've been doing rallies in Career at Professional difficulty, which allow for four services across eight stages. Tyre sets can be changed three times.

Assuming you get a free tyre change at the first service before the rally starts (the counter stays at 3/3), I shouldn't have to worry about not being able to change tyres at any of the next three services.

Still, on a few occasions I've somehow not had a tyre change available at the final service area. What am I missing?

One time, I started a stage after service on a worn tyre, only to quit the game. When I came back to the game later, the same tyre set was shown as being new. Is this a visual glitch, or can you actually game the system?



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I don't know about the glitch but if you change to a new tire at service then quit the stage, the next time you enter the service, you will have the new tire on, but still be allowed to change tires. If you aren't careful, you might switch the tires again by accident.

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